Scope in Dart

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Scope In Dart

The scope is a concept that refers to where values can be accessed or referenced. Dart uses curly braces {} to determine the scope of variables. If you define a variable inside curly braces, you can’t use it outside the curly braces.

Method Scope

If you created variables inside the method, you can use them inside the method block but not outside the method block.

Example 1: Method Scope

void main() {
  String text = "I am text inside main. Anyone can't access me.";

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In this program, text is a String type where you can access and print method only inside the main function but not outside the main function.

Global Scope

You can define a variable in the global scope to use the variable anywhere in your program.

Example 1: Global Scope

String global = "I am Global. Anyone can access me.";
void main() {

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In this program, the variable named global is a top-level variable; you can access it anywhere in the program.


Note: Define your variable as much as close Local as you can. It makes your code clean and prevents you from using or changing them where you shouldn’t.

Lexical Scope

Dart is lexically scoped language, which means you can find the scope of variables with the help of braces {}.


Watch our video on scope in Dart.