Inheritance in Dart

Inheritance In Dart

Inheritance is the concept of creating a new class with the basic blueprint of the existing class. The child class will contain all the attributes and methods of the parent class as well can create its own.


  • It promotes reusability of the code and reduces redundant code.
  • It makes code simpler, cleaner and saves time and money on maintenance.
  • It facilitates the creation of class libraries.
  • It can be used to enforce standard interface to all children classes.


class ChildClassName extends ParentClassName

Note: The extends keyword is used for inheriting from parent class.


class Animal {
  var animalName;
  var numberOfLegs;
  var lifeSpan;

  Animal({this.animalName, this.numberOfLegs, this.lifeSpan});

  void displayAnimalDetails() {
    print("Animal name: " + animalName);
    print("Number of Legs: " + numberOfLegs.toString());
    print("Life Span: " + lifeSpan);

class Cat extends Animal {
  void meow() {
    print('This is Cat, cat does meow.');

void main(List<String> args) {
  var cat = Cat();
  cat.animalName = "Cat";
  cat.numberOfLegs = "4";
  cat.lifeSpan = "12-18 years";
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