Basic Dart Program

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Basic Dart Program

This is a simple dart program that prints Hello World on screen. Most programmers write the Hello World program as their first program.

void main() { 
   print("Hello World!"); 

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Basic Dart Program Explained

  • void main() is the starting point where the execution of your program begins.
  • Every program starts with a main function.
  • The curly braces {} represent the beginning and the ending of a block of code.
  • print(“Hello World!”); prints Hello World! on screen.
  • Each code statement must end with a semicolon.

Basic Dart Program For Printing Name

void main()
    var name = "John";

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Dart Program To Join One Or More Variables

Here $variableName is used to join variables. This joining process in dart is called string interpolation.

void main(){
  var firstName = "John";
  var lastName = "Doe";
  print("Full name is $firstName $lastName");

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Dart Program For Basic Calculation

Performing addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division in dart.

void main() {
int num1 = 10; //declaring number1
int num2 = 3; //declaring number2
// Calculation
int sum = num1 + num2;
int diff = num1 - num2;
int mul = num1 * num2;
double div = num1 / num2; // It is double because it outputs number with decimal.
// displaying the output
print("The sum is $sum");
print("The diff is $diff");
print("The mul is $mul");
print("The div is $div");

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Create Full Dart Project

It’s nice to work on a single file, but if your project gets bigger, you need to manage configurations, packages, and assets files. So creating a dart project will help you to manage this all.

dart create <project_name>

This will create a simple dart project with some ready-made code.

Steps To Create Dart Project

  • Open folder location on command prompt/terminal.
  • Type dart create project_name (For E.g. dart create first_app)
  • Type cd first_app
  • Type code . to open project with visual studio code
  • To check the main dart file go to bin/first_app.dart and edit your code.

Run Dart Project

First, open the project location on the command/terminal and run the project with this command.

dart run

Convert Dart Code To Javascript

Command Description
dart compile js filename.dart Compile dart to javascript. You can run this file with Node.js.


Create a new dart project with name stockmanagement and then run it.


Watch our video on Dart basic program.