Backend in Dart

Dart Backend

Backend means an application runs on a server and can handle client requests. It can accept requests from a client, process them and respond to the client. Currently, many technologies provide a backend to clients, such as golang, node js, PHP, python, java, .net, etc.

Why Backend Framework Needed On Dart

There are already various backend services, but why do you need a backend in dart? The main reason is Flutter. With Flutter, you can create apps for android, ios, web, and desktop with a single codebase. Flutter is loved by many developers and gained so much popularity. Now, most of the developers already know dart. Why should they need to learn another programming language for the backend? What if they can do it by dart programming?

Here are some other reasons why we need a framework in dart: 2. Rich package library. 3. Hard to do everything from the beginning, like architecture design and guidelines.

Backend For Dart

Here is a possible backend for the dart.